• San francisco Golden Gate bridge and Oakland temple wedding: Jamie and Chris


    Jamie. Oh Jamie where do I begin?

    She was on top of everything and not in a nerve racking / stressful way! She knew what she was looking for and trusted me. The best part is that everything came together so well. I think my very favorite part is that she prioritized a first look, then portraits with Chris at the golden gate bridge. I have been so very lucky to have brides that recognize that even though a lot of time and investment can go into details, catering etc... photographs of them as newly weds are the ones that they'll get to hang in their bedroom, or over the mantle of their future home!

    Summer is simply such a beautiful time of the year to get married. They both attended  college in Utah so they decided to have their first look up the canyon and surrounded with wildflowers (blog coming soon). 


    I love finding out how my couples met! I've heard everything from we were high school sweethearts to we met online... It never ceases to amaze me that when two people are meant for each other, timing, circumstances etc... all come together. Jamie and Chris were introduced to each other by Chris' sister who happens to be Jamie's best friend! So yes they owe her big haha. 

    I love San Francisco. This was my 5th wedding in the bay area and I'm always so excited when I get to photograph wonderful people there. 

  • Laie Hawaii temple and Kualoa Ranch wedding: Abish and Jeremy

    She lived in Paris, France and he lived on Oahu, Hawaii. I know, two idyllic places. They were brought together by, wait for it ... facebook! They met on facebook. Facebook my friends. We are definitely in 2016. I mean what a fun story :). I simply loved their wedding day. I truly believe that everything about it SCREAMED them! Each wonderful detail was so perfect. It was such a simple and elegant wedding. 
    They said I do for eternity at the Laie Hawaii Temple and celebrated with family and friends at Kualoa Ranch 
    I loved this! Abish prepared a recording of her talking about how they first met and how she felt about Jeremy instead of a song while she walked down the aisle. Look at Jeremy's face! It was such a special moment!
    Wedding Dress: Sandra Hélias
    Tuxedo: Zara
    Flowers and wedding coordination: Renée Ahuna Cabrinha
    Cake: Kamealani Cabrinha
    Catering: Kawika's Kooler , Sushi Man , Ba Le, BYUH Catering
    I'll be back on the island in May 2017! If you're interested in booking a family or engagement session please get in touch!
  • 2016 in Review: Weddings





    2016 started with one booked wedding. When you work in an industry that revolves around engagements, there really is no telling or scheduling a whole year by January 31st!

    This has definitely been the best year yet! My goals in regards to photographing weddings were simple:

    1. Get everything in order: From pricing, to beautiful/professional and informational guides, to be better at bookkeeping and investing in education. Brides should be able to trust that their wedding photographer is taking their wedding day seriously! That means that not only will they show up, they must have reliable gear, extensive experience with posing/lighting and run they business in a legitimate way. Yes that implies a higher fee but again, your wedding happens once and photographs are the only mementos you'll have 1, 10 or 50 yrs from now. 

    2. Encourage brides to plan their day around what they like and who they are! Trends come and go so I wanted to make sure that my couples would look back on their wedding photographs and say " Yes! That was so us! That screams us!"

    3. Promote more than just a wedding. The actual wedding day is beautiful, exciting and filled with love! Loved ones are gathered to celebrate the union of two people. I want more than anything to help as much as I can to offer support for their marriage. One that will last forever. Having beautiful pictures to look at is a good start. 

    In working hard on those goals two surprises came about!

    1. It was the first year that I've photographed 2nd marriages. In terms of awesomeness and planning they weren't different per say. But for me, again, what did I say about being the one on the receiving end? What an unexpected and healing opportunity it has been for me. I don't think that my #lobleebride s will ever truly know just how much hope and joy they have given me. What an unique opportunity to document love and being able to see updates on their growing families, a new home, a new job or even a new pet! 

    2. I got to travel SO much! Weddings took place in Oregon, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Hawaii and Spain! Again, SO much! When I started my photography career, I would see all those photographers "raving" about their destination weddings. That honestly never ever appealed to me because 1. I used to get horribly sick. Any type of motion? I was sick. So traveling even by plane never sounded glamarous haha. Yet it seems that I have FINALLY gotten over that. What a crazy yet incredibly blessing! 2. I still have little ones at home so being away was not easy. But I've had incredibly support from my family and I know that when I do have to be gone they are in good hands. In fact, they have so much fun they'd probably tell you I should be gone more often. Haha. Since their father is now in the same state, they get to have even more fun and be well taken care of for the coming year. 

    So. Again! What a great year! I can not wait for 2017. I can feel it. I know it. I believe it. It will be an even better one. 

    Thank you again for a wonderful year!

  • 2016 wedding photography in review: Utah family photographer


    I've had such fun opportunities this year. To be honest, I wasn't sure what 2016 would bring. 2015 was a huge year of change and heartache.

    Yet there were three very clear messages that I got at the beginning of 2016.

    1. Refocus on my kids

    2. Continue to photograph love. Weddings and families.

    3. Start a line of clothing (to be continued). 

    I won't lie, at first and often throughout the year I would ask " how in the world"? How? How? How?

    I've come to trust God. To trust my ability to led him lead the way. The how was not always clear but he will and wants to support me. For that I am so grateful. 

    It's been a privilege to photograph returning customers/friends and a lot of fun meeting families for the first time. I've learned something from every single one of them! What great examples of love! Investing in family pictures is not a necessity. It doesn't fall under a family's "basic needs". 

    But I am a strong believer of documenting the journey (a huge reason being my bad memory, I always need to be reminded of the little and even the big things! Always!). It isn't all pretty and that's ok! The hard times become part of who you are and what your family is becoming. I came across this powerful thought: "People may spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success only to find, once they reach the top, that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.” The wisdom—and wit—of Thomas Merton

    I hope that with the new year our resolve to give priority to what matters most is renewed!

    Thank you to all the wonderful #lobleefamilies for being the best!