• Laie Temple wedding: Jaz and Kuj

    Since I mostly photograph destination weddings I don't always get to meet my bride and groom in person till the wedding day. But since I seriously get the most laid back (yet very great planner/organized) brides I never worry about how we will interact etc... It's also always a treat and special when I get to chat with the mother of the bride. This wedding was simply so great and perfect! Love the elegant details and all the singing and dancing that went on. A real party to celebrate these two! How can you go wrong when you're high school sweethearts right? They've already accomplished so much it's been so fun to watch what they're doing together! Seriously so impressed with them.Their families have every reason to be proud of them. So happy for them. Congratulations again Jaz and Kuj!
    Funny story. I danced at the luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center for a summer and Kuj and his sisters were Keiki dancers! They were the K.T's kids. I know, feeling extremely old now haha.